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Admin/Mod: jamiefawkes ( IC!Ukitake __jyuushirou, and OOC!Mayuri ___madscientist)

Hello and welcome! You've managed to stumble upon the OMG!Bleach role-playing community. This little RPG was based on omg_symphonia, which was loosely based off of the OMG!Naruto RPG on GreatestJournal in turn.

OMG!Bleach has both in character (IC) and out of character (OOC) versions of each and every character. Both versions will interact with each other, hopefully creating insane and amusing situations.

However, despite the crack, there will, of course, be a serious side to this RPG. (There has to be, after all, since half the cast is IC.) Sounds fun, doesn't it? You KNOOOOOW you want to join. X3

BUT FIRST. Read the rules, and if you agree to them, meet the requirements, and still feel you want to join the crack insanity RPG, THEN feel free to snag up characters.


Ye Old Rules:

1. - OOC characters will be given out automatically when the comment is received, but IC characters have to be applied for.

2. - Despite the crackiness, do please try and keep a mature air. ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE AN IC. OOCs can crack out all they like, but there is a limit to the ICs crack-level. You can only go so far before your IC is OOC. If you have a problem with someone's playing, or any problem at all, go straight to the mod. DO NOT TAKE MATTERS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS.

3. - For ICs, no l337-speak, chat-speak, or any sort of unintelligent banter are allowed. I WILL BE STRICT ON THIS. I'M A STICKLER FOR GRAMMAR AND SPELLING.

4. - Be kind and understanding. If you can't deal with other people well, or try to take charge of all situations, (unless your character is like that) this RPG is not for you. Remember, I'm mod for a reason.

5. - There is no character limit, but try not to overdo it, all right? It gets hard to manage when you're juggling five or more characters.

5. - And last but certainly not least, NO GOD-MODDING. No, not even the OOCs can godmod. Also, any and all plot-changing issues need to be okayed by me first. If you want to do something that you think will affect other characters to a degree other than crack, BRING IT TO ME FIRST. I'm almost always online, and my messengers are left on to take messages. LEAVE ONE.



To join this RPG, you have to meet a few requirements.

1. First of all, you, of course, need to have a livejournal. It'd be rather hard to RP without one.

2. You need some sort of messenger. AIM is preferred over the others, and it's free, so please do try and have it/get it if you don't already. http://www.aim.com

--Yahoo instant messenger and MSN/Windows messenger will do as well, and I have all three, so I can hopefully get most of the players together for chats often. It's good to know your fellow players, and makes RPing all the more fun.

3. A brain. Or at least half of one. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. I only want decently-intelligent players for my ICs, and preferrably for my OOCs too. However, being smart doesn't mean you can't have fun. If you've read the rules up to this point, in your IC character application, put the sentence "Byakuya is a ghetto princess, but I loff him." before your application, so that I know you read the rules. Your OOC can be all l337-speak and a complete idiot for all I care, as long as the player has some brains in that skull somewhere.


The Application:

Your Name: (Your name, nickname, alias, whatever. Just so we don't have to call you 'Hey, you!' or something.)
Age: (Your age.)
OOC Journal: (Your personal journal-- not the one you use for characters. You aren't supposed to have made that yet anyways!)
AIM SN: (Your AIM SN. Pretty self-explanatory. You can make a new one for RPing if you'd like, but you don't need to.)
MSN Messenger Handle/E-mail: (Your MSN messenger e-mail, if you have it. It's easiest to get in contact with all the players in between AIM and MSN.)

Character Name: (Your character's name.)
Character Personality: (What your character acts like, on the surface and on the inside.)
Character Relationships/Interactions: (Who does your character have friendships/romance/family bonds with? And how do they act around other characters?)
Brief history: (A brief history of the character, so we know that you know the character.)

Example RP: (An example roleplay. Third Person POV and in the past tense should be the format, again.)
Example Journal Post: (An example post in the character journal. If you're accepted, you can use this as the character's first entry.)

[NOTE (03/05/06): The RPG is no longer active (for now at least!). Most of the "surviving" members can be found at lolz_bleach. Join us there!]