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[Location: A secluded cove on the Blue Beach Time: After his family moment with Uryuu, and subsequent juicing]

**is now fresh-scrubbed and completely free of orange gunk, and puts clothes back on (thousands of women curse at their TV screens)**

Uryuu, are you still interested in checking out the village? And did you remember to wash behind your ears?

**remembers rather suddenly** Oh, hang it all. I promised his clone that he could come with me next I went out into the forest. And I don't think those two are going to get along terribly well...

((OOC: If anyone else on the Blue Beach--i.e. Matsumoto, Byakuya, LEGO!HOllow--wants to harrass him, I won't turn you down!))
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That's so strange - I was making dinner, and the next moment I'm waking up on a pretty beach! Wah, look at these seashells and funny trees - I don't think this is anywhere near Karakura.

Hmm *taps chin with forefinger* I'm still hungry - too bad, the spongecake/tuna/ bean paste casserole was almost finished *pouts*. I should probably make myself a meal before looking for answers - wouldn't want to suffer malnutrition and get sick from scurvy! *collects seaweed and sandcrabs as she walks along the shore* I wonder, if I keep going in this direction, if I'll eventually find some chocolate syrup or a robot chef?
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**wakes up from a little nap on the blue beach**

Who's that noisy???

**stands up and looks at Byakuya who is cleaning his clothes from disgusting things**

OMG what happened to Kuchiki-taichou??

**turns to the others and sees the LEGO hollow**


OMG a giant LEGO, just behind you, Ichimaru-taichou!!!!!!!

[OOC: I'm back but I'll be away again tomorrow for the week-end... :( ]

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**In cat form**

I thought Ichigo was right behind me. Anyway I was only half-serious when I told Kaien I'd watch over him - still, I'll pause here for a moment and see if he catches up.

**starts licking paws to groom herself, but starts gagging and spitting from the horrible taste**

Oh GOD! *cough hack* That's waaay nastier than the dead things I carried on the ambush mission - what the hell - oh, it's like orange juice, but disgusting on a level I can't describe. Hmph, I seem to be surrounded by it... and these look like Ryuuken's footprints. Ah, I see.

**leaps up to the higher branches of a tall tree**

There's a long, narrow lagoon not far from here. I'll wash up over there. If Ichigo's around, I'll know by the screaming when I transform into naked human form.

**jumps off of the branch, and goes toward the lagoon**
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{Is somewhere along the outskirts of the forest.}

The Bahamas are definitely different from the image I made in my head. :(

I mean..SERIOUSLY where is the singing and dancing? And the happy people bathing in the sun like in the commercials!! jhfkjgfhkdg ;-; IHATEMYLIFE!

*cries and slinks into a dark area of the forest*
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Ara...what is this place? One minute I was in a tea shop, and the next moment I'm surrounded by strange trees and strange flowers but Nanao-chan would like these.

Nanao-chan~~! Where are you~~? I really do hope she's alright...

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*animatedly rushes through forest, with Kaien behind her*

This is so fun! We're going to look for Ken-chan, and I have a nice teddy bear, yay! :D

-I hate this life. Cuteness should be abolished. I feel sick. Why am I carrying a soft toy?! D: Doom to all on this isla-

YAAAAAAY! *dances* Eee, who is that over there? *squints*
BRAIN BROKE by fengshoegal

Enter Uryuu, the late one.

-in the middle of the woods, lying on the ground-


-hops up to his feet-

W-where am I?! It looks like a forest...but I remember being in my room...did someone bring me here? Why did that someone bring me here?! I don't see anyone else...just...trees...

-adjusts glasses-

I wonder if anyone else is here... -decides to take a look around, walking through the ferns and grasses-

((Just for this to make sense, Uryuu sleepwalked from his place on the Blue Beach all the way to somewhere in the middle of the forest. Yeah; everyone was too preoccupied to notice...

And if some don't know, this is sk_chan playing Uryuu-chan now. ♥))
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** Treading softly, in human form, with an armload of rotten bananas, grubs, coconuts and dead animals **

Kaien last saw Byaku-chan in this direction, so is leading the way. We've got a *hehe* "delivery" to make.
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